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Planning A Rather Unusual Event

When my last child started school, I wanted to go back to work only part time so I would be there when she came home. Searching for just the right job was frustrating until a friend of mine suggested my talent for planning parties could be turned into a profession. That was more than a quarter of a century ago, and I have never looked back.

Heard It All

After so many years in the business of event planning, I thought I had heard of every event possible. I’ve done large and small events, but the couple I just met with has introduced me to a new idea. They have been married for nearly fifty years, but they do not want an anniversary party to celebrate it. I was intrigued when they said they wanted to have a real wedding, and they asked me to help them plan it all for them.

Remembering Their Original Wedding

While they are an older couple, both of them are in good health and obviously happy together. They explained that they had very little money when they chose to marry as teenagers, and getting time off of work was nearly impossible for them. Arrangements for a real wedding were out of the question at the time, so they went to the local courthouse on their lunch break. They told me their time was so short that they had to eat lunch on the walk back to their work.

Their Next Wedding

Taking turns explaining what they wanted, each of them gave me examples of how friends and family had enhanced their lives together. While their original wedding was just them, a clerk and two strangers, they had been lucky enough to be blessed with half a dozen children and plenty of friends. They wanted a real wedding, but it had to be modern and fashionable in today’s world. They wanted to be married in a church and celebrate with a real reception.

The Guest List

The people they wanted to invite were all friends and family members who had been part of their lives since the day they were married. These were the people who had been there through good times and bad, and they wanted them to know how important their support and love had been throughout the marriage. It was more than a thousand people, and they said no one could be cut.

Presence Not Presents

The couple explained they did not want wedding presents, but they did want to give their guests a token of their thanks. I suggested they give their guests commemorative glasses, but they were worried about the cost. I explained that using glass transfers and glass decals was the perfect way to get what they wanted at a price they could afford. I use Siak Transfers for this type of decoration, and the couple was impressed with their options when I showed them the site.

The planning for this occasion is going to be one of the most fun events I have ever been associated with, and I look forward to being there for their wedding. I hope the guests enjoy it as much as I know the bride and groom will as they renew their happy vows.