Ideas To Create A Great Home

Entertaining With Style And Panache

My husband and I finally found our forever home, and it only took us a few long years to finally compromise on our differing styles. He prefers older homes with their many unique details, but I truly love the straight lines of modern living. The home we found gives us his style on the outside, but it has been completely remodelled inside with the modern touches I had to have for my sanity. We found a place that is not only perfectly suited to our personalities, but it allows us the room to entertain friends and family in style.

Setting the Mood

One of the nicest things about our home is our ability to entertain in many different ways, and we have several areas where we can entertain guests. The formal living and dining rooms are perfect for occasions where we want to host adult dinner parties. The kitchen and family room are great for informal gatherings of family and intimate friends, and the back yard can host a large group with room to spare. Each area allows us an opportunity to set the mood for the gathering in the style we need.

Dining Options

Gatherings with food are always best for us, and our kitchen is a mainstay of our entertaining needs. It is large, has a beautiful island with plenty of storage, and we have abundant seating for guests as well as countertops to create fabulous meals. The formal dining room can seat up to twenty, and we can squeeze in about that same number in the kitchen. Outside, we have plenty of seating as well as folding tables we can bring out when the weather is nice.

Drink and Be Merry

While not all of our gatherings feature alcohol, guests need to have something to slake their thirst. We have plenty of ways to serve up tasty beverages, and keeping them cold is one of the things we love about our new home. There is a wine cooler in the kitchen, and a small drinks fridge is built into the outside cooking area. Just off the formal dining room is a small wet bar, and we also have plenty of coolers to place by the pool when guests arrive.

Setting the Table

Our hosting duties would not be complete if we did not feel we could set a stylish table, and one of our first purchases was new fine bone china sets. We bought two sets so we could have formal and informal settings, and we are glad we took the time to find just the right patterns. We knew what we wanted, but no one seemed to have exactly what we were looking for until we stumbled across Wedgwood. We were able to get the patterns we wanted without the wait.

Entertaining friends and family has been a joy since we moved into our new home, and we are so glad we took the time to set everything up for it. Holidays and special occasions now mean more to us than ever before.